iPhone Glass Repair

As of RIGHT now, a whopping 21 percent of iPhone users have cracked screens! There should be no reason to suffer with an annoying cracked screen, on an expensive iPhone, nonetheless. Not only do cracked screens serve as a nuisance, making it difficult to see and read the screen, conduct business, and remain connected socially, experts assert that a cracked screen can cause future issues with the phone, such as slow connectivity, a worn-out battery, and other problems that may hinder, or completely change your ability to use your phone. Having a cracked iPhone screen is not only annoying, but dangerous as well, as users may cut their fingers on the broken, warped glass. None of these risks are worth it! However, a lot of times users may delay repairing their screen, because they do not want to spend the money. Often times, repairing an iPhone screen- a relatively simple task, can cost over $100. However, with a few strokes of your keyboard, and some browsing on Google, you can find a worth place to repair your iPhone screen, regardless of the level of damage. Here at Cell Repair Master, we are able to repair your iPhone for a low cost. We accept walk-in repairs, although appointments are preferred. Simply call the number above to schedule an appointment. With Cell Repair Master, you are guaranteed quality customer service, with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your customer experience, let us know and we will assist you. Not to worry, as at Cell Repair Master, we strive to provide our best customer service, and we will always put you first. Regarding the process to fixing the broken glass on your precious iPhone, we use only the best tools, and qualified technicians to repair your damaged device. Our staff are all qualified on how to repair your phone. To explain the process a bit more, I have outlined below a few key steps explaining the process behind our fixing of your phone’s screen: First, we assess the damage, and let you know what exactly is wrong with your phone, and whether there are internal issues as well, caused by the shattered screen. Second, we utilize a specialized star-shaped screwdriver to loosen the screen. Third, we use a suction device to literally “suction” the screen up of your iPhone. Underneath the screen, there is a metal plate which we carefully unscrew from you device. Then, we rearrange some specific cables to allow the new screen to be placed on the phone. We will line up the cables carefully in accordance with the new screen. Lastly, we will place the new screen on, and test the home button to ensure it is working properly. We will then reinsert the base screws to reattach your screen completely to your device. Hopefully, all of these instructions have quelled any worry you may have when using a cell repair service outside of Apple. Not to fear- Cell Repair Master is here!
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