Are you suffering with a device that is not performing at its best level, due to damage from cracking it, scratching it, or dropping it? Many times, it can be very frustrating to crack a screen on a valuable device, especially one that costs a lot of money. In fact, a majority of people opt out of repairing their device, simply because of the high price quote it often costs in repairing the item. The average cost of repairing each device is listed below:

iPhone 6,6+: $100+

iPad mini: $200

iPad 2 or iPad Air: $250

iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2: $300

iPad Pro 9.7 inch: $380

iPad Pro 12.9 inch: $600

Samsung Galaxy s6: $100

Note that these are simply estimates from the Apple Store, and that having Apple Care will lower these costs, though not by much. Additionally, it is important to remember that a lot of the times Apple requires you to ship iPads, leaving you waiting for a longer turnaround time to have your device returned. Here at Cell Repair Master, we guarantee a lower price in repairing your device, and guarantee a quicker turnaround time in fixing your device. At Cell Repair Master we utilize our best staff in ensuring you are provided with high-quality customer care. We do our best at maintaining a quick turnaround time in receiving your repaired device. We also ensure quality prices in repairing your device. Our staff are skilled and trained at performing a variety of tasks including:

-iPhone Repair

-iPad Repair

-Macbook Repair

-Samsung Device Repair

-Android Repair

-Device Backup

-Device Reset

& any other repairs on electronics you may need!

At Cell Repair Master, we are able to repair a wide variety of devices, as shown above, and we are able to repair all models of every advice. Have an older iPad that needs fixing? Come on in! Still have the iPhone 4 that needs fixing? Come on in! We do not require an appointment, although you may schedule one if necessary. Walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome! We will have a consultation with you, and give you a quote based on the damage of your device. You will find that here at Cell Repair Master, you are bound to be satisfied with always-low prices. We typically specialize in repairing Apple devices, but we are more than willing, as well as qualified, to work on other brands. We have several different branches of stores, so be sure to stop by and visit, or give us a call! Cell Repair Master offers a broad range of repair services, options and products as well. We will customize any repair to fit your exact professional or personal needs. We are your all-encompassing Electronic Repair Store; we have you covered! Stop risking the life and quality of your device. COME to Cell Repair Master. We WANT to assist you in your time of need.

Whatever it is, let us help you save today.

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